Thursday, February 24, 2011


When we loose somebody that we have cherished and loved for long time, we need comforting and support from people around us. Yesterday my friends sister walk to the light at eight o'clock in the morning. She was suffering from aggressive cancer and had lots of pain...The family knows that she is in peace, but she left a huge sorrow behind her,,, When loosing somebody dear, our friends and rest of the family often tells you "I know what you going through, I have been there". But I say: "You Don't Know".
We all are unique individuals and we have different ways to react with sorrow. Everybody needs to handle  the sorrow on  their own way.
Yesterday, when my friends sent me a message about her sister leaving this world, I sent her a message about angels and how we can talk to them and ask help if we feel that we need to do so. We are surrounded by angels all the time, but so many of us can't notice them just because they are always too busy and don't wonder about small messages that angels leave on our paths. The Angels will only come to us when we ask for help or we are willing to talk to them.
I work and talk with angels everyday, even I haven't write much about it lately. I have just finished a book of Doreen Virtue called How To Hear Your Angels, and even I seem to think I know quite a lot about Angels, I learned something new again. I will write about it later...It is something I have been wondering and I found  the answer to my question in her book.