Sunday, March 13, 2011


Yesterday I told you about angels visiting me. So I sent them last night to meet other friends of mine and today my friend who gave me the invitation letter send me this photo. She has taken it on her walk in Finland. And now as I watch at the photo it looks like there is an other angel inside of this big snow angel. 

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Last week I had  Soul Coaching client that asked me if I would like to have an angel letter that I needed to forward to my three friends. I normally don't like much about these chain letters that are going around on the net or in Facebook, but this was different. It is a letter that you get from a friend of you and you have to give your address to this friend that she can send angels to your house on a certain date and time. The angels will come and stay 5 days in your home.
So I agreed on this and on the 7 of March I had to open my entrance door at 22.30 and welcome all the angels to my home. Before that I had blessed the white candle and had white flowers on a table to welcome them. As I was welcoming them at my door step I could feel the different vibration at the door. Then I went down to my living room where I had the candle burning and I had put some nice angel music to play as well. I was sitting there for a while and talking to the angels by meditation. After that I felt so serene and in peace, something that I have never felt before. I have only talk about this visit to my three friends who addresses I have so that I can  to send the angels to them tonight at 22.30. During these five days there has been so many wonderful things happening to me and so much synchronic happenings as well.

Today I was talking to my friend by Skype, and suddenly he says to me: "Hey, do you want me to do the Angel card reading?" I knew he use them sometimes for himself, but this was quite unusual from him. And so we had readings and I told him about this invitation as well. For me it is just so lovely when you can share your angel experiences with your friends.

I use these cards for myself quite often. They give me good guidance. For me these cards are a good tool for when you looking to grow spiritually. Mostly I just ask for guidance for today or they are excellent as well for a very specific questions.