Saturday, December 25, 2010


For many people Christmas season is the only time they think or use any angel decoration. I also have many angelic decoration for Christmas but I still sometimes use them any time of the year. For me Angels are there all the year round...Guiding me, watching over me and when ever I need them they just
are there for me and they have brought me so many new friends, like you all that are reading this blog... I am so grateful to have angels in my life as I am grateful to having you all my angel friends...

The old angels picture reminds me my childhood and the angelic greetings card that we used to received or send for Christmas....

I want to wish you all a Peaceful Christmas if you are celebrating it and for others I want wish just a Wonderful and Peaceful Holiday Season... May more angels walk in to your life....

Friday, December 10, 2010


Today I was reading in my mail about a college who has terminal cancer and her only wish is to be able to live until February. February being a special month for her.  As a Soul Coacher we often try to get special energy to send it somebody in need. And many of my other Soul Coacher college around the world have start to send her healing light and angels. She knows that her time is counted on earth and she is willing to join her husband and parents on the other side, but not jet. She still wanted some time to get ready. So I wanted to do my part for her to honor her and her life and ask the angels to carry her fragile body until February.

Today, it has been a beautiful day here in Finland, we have lots of snow and it is quite cold, normally you have this type of weather more towards to February. So I decided to go out and down to our pier and light a sacred fire for my Soul Sister. Next to the fire I asked the angels to carry her until she is ready to join the light. I sent these photos to her as well and told about my message to her. 

Here the fire burning and behind the frozen sea...

I spent almost an hour watching the fire burning and thinking about life and how some don't even know how to live anymore, days are just passing and at the end of the day, people don't even realize that they haven't really give a though to a life today or they haven't have time to feel their life today. Life is precious and we should honor it everyday and enjoy small moments. While I was taking these photos I did not see the colorful reflection on them, I only noticed that later. It could be an angel and I know they were there today with me...I could feel that...

Monday, December 6, 2010


Sunday, November 28, 2010


To have the angels in you life is easy. You just have to invite them to your life. You need to give them permission to act in your life for your own good. But to understand more about them and in which way you can work with angels and archangel you may need to get some more knowledge about these beautiful and powerful messengers. I will give you here few ideas how you can find more information how to work with angels and how to get in contact with them.
I have learned myself a lot by reading books about angels. I have also made few courses where you learn how to meditate to see and meet angels and learn more about each different angel and their work that they do for us. Here I want to give you few good books that you can start with and some advise how to find a course.

Angels 101: An Introduction to Connecting, Working, and Healing with the Angels by Doreen Virtue
Angel Answers by Diana Cooper
A New Light on Angels by Diana Cooper
Angels of Light Cards Pocket Edition by Diana Cooper
Signs From Above: Your Angels' Messages about Your Life Purpose, Relationships, Health, and More by Doreen Virtue
How to Hear Your Angels by Doreen Virtue
Archangel Orace Cards Prepack by Doreen Virtue
Healing With The Angels Oracle Cards (Large Card Decks) by Doreen Virtue
Working with Archangels: A Path to Transformation and Power  by Theolyn Cortens

These are some books I have read and the angel cards I use very often for guidance. If you are interested to purchase these books or cards you can just click on the link and it will take you directly to  Enjoy the angels!

An other way to learn more about angels is to take a part of an angel workshop where you will get information about angels but you also will learn how to meditate to meat your guardian angel and other angels. There are also online programs that you can purchase online and then you can do the course on your own time at your home. One of these online courses is organized by AnuShiAsta, she also do some workshops in the USA and sometimes in Finland too. I have done her online course. Here is her address: and, this site is in Finnish.

I hope you will enjoy these informations and find more about angels.

May the angels lighten your path....

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Saturday, October 9, 2010


It has been quite a long time that I have posted something about angels... I have just been very busy getting my website ready for the Soul Coaching (based on Denise Linn's Soul Coaching Program) and Detox program. But I talk with angels every day... When ever I feel that I need some guidance or just being grateful that they are in my life. I just take a moment to still myself and talk with the angels.
I got a blank book with little angel pictures on each page at the bottom of the page, it was a present from my husband. And he wants me to write on the pages thinks about us that I like. So later I can remember all the nice things we have been sharing together. This week he bought a beautiful angel art book. It has old Finnish angel verses inside with lovely pictures of Ulla Kauhanen's angel paintings.

A month ago I purchased some more Doreen Virtue's angel cards. Now I have Archangel Raphael's Healing Oracle Cards and Angel Therapy Oracle Cards. I had Archangel Oracles cards before. I have been trying to get familiar with these cards so that later on I can do card readings for my clients.
While writing text for my website I have been using the help of the Archangel Gabriel, there is a card called "Creative Writing" and what ever you write you can ask Archangel Gabriel's help. The cards says the following: "Make time to write down your thoughts in a journal, or pen an article or book".
Additional message: " Your soul longs for creative expression through writing. I can help you schedule this activity. Honor any inner nudges that guide you to write. The writing may be for your own enjoyment, or may be a cathartic experience of self expression in a private journal. As you work with your connection to the written word, you may receive Divine guidance to write articles or books for publication. Call upon me at any time to guide you through this process.

Working with Archangel Gabriel: As the messenger angel, Gabriel loves to help writers and journalists deliver healing messages. Like a loving coach, she'll urge you to delegate your time and energy towards writing. Gabriel also can open doors that allow for publication of your articles and books, if you'll ask for her assistance. Most of all, she'll help you enjoy writing.

                            You can find these angel cards and many more on

All these angel pictures on this post are from the angel book of Ulla Kauhanen. She paints mainly angels with these warm colours.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I was visting a friends of mine in Italy for few days and I had these lovely angel ornaments in my bed room.

It was so nice to rest in that room with a sleeping angel...
I visited some beautiful churches while traveling in Bari and Matera... For me visiting a church is more to find a place, where I can enjoy the ancient beauty of the architecture and have a silent moment with my self and light a candle to thank all the angels who are assisting my life... That's a thing we never should forget, be grateful for angels that are around us and helping us all the time...

Friday, August 20, 2010


About two weeks ago while swimming at the sea I saw this cloud above me that looked like an angel, it had wings, a dress, like a long hair and a soft face with many details. While swimming on my back, I looked at the cloud angel and asked "who are you?" and just one name game to my mind "Raphael". So I went back to the heat of our sauna, which is by the water and when I went back to swim, my friend was sitting on the pier looking at the scenery. I went in to the water and had a look of that angel cloud, it had softened, it was much more rounder but still a shape of an angel. Then suddenly my friend said to me that there is something in the water that had just "landed" there. She could not reached from the pier so I swam towards it and she said, that first she thought it was a fish jumping, but then she saw something flouting on the surface of the water. As I reached the area where she pointed that there was something I found this beautiful quite big feather. So pure and white.  I told her about the cloud. She was very kind and gave the feather to me and now it is on my angel altar here inside our chalet.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


I was talking about angels with a friend of mine that had never really felt connected to angelic realm... He had just felt few times something "hanging in the air" when going through difficult times. Recently I told him about how I work and see angels in my life and that they are an important part of my spiritual life. So few days later he wrote me this:

Angels, as far as I believe are here to help us, to guide us through difficult times. But they don't want to "run our lives".  I think one must never become irrational and start taking decisions in life only "asking" the angels. Each living person must take responsibility for it's acts and decisions.
I think the angels don't want to give us a "written path". They want to help us once we have chosen that path, when we ask them and when we feel it is right. What ever you ask them, it should always be about love anyway.
I think the angels like to give us simple signs like a "smile", a warm feeling. They accept us to make our own mind and take our own decisions.

So I just told him that in my opinion he had understood the meaning of the angels. We need them in our lives but as he said they can't run our lives...And I though that it was a beautiful and simple way how he had sensed the meaning of the angels...And he has open his heart for them on his own way...Which I like...And from now on we had something more to share...

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Last night I was feeling sad about something that is happening in my private life. So to cheer me up I decided to watch a nice entertaining movie to lift my spirit. So I chose the "Mamma Mia" with all Abba songs and even I have seen it before the music took me back to my teens... And at the end of the movie I notice a ray of sun coming in to a corner of the mezzanine that never gets sunshine. The long ray was playing there for few moments and same time Abba's song "I believe in Angels" started. So in the same moment some of my sadness faded away.
After midnight when going to bed I was sad again, crying a bit and just went to bed. I was laying there on my right side and crying... I notice a kind of light, not strong but something soft and felt a presence. I had my hand on the top of my duvet and I felt this soft light touch and a feeling of energy in my hand. I stopped crying and just concentrating on that feeling on my hand... And then without doing anything my hand and my arm lifted slowly up towards to the sealing...And I just asked who are you? And here she was ones again... Archangel Ariel, giving me love, healing and courage... Then my hand just softly game back on my duvet and I felt calm and peaceful and felt asleep...

Sunday, July 18, 2010


                                  Thank you Leena to putting this beautiful music in Facebook

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Isn't this tree magical... I would just like to visit it one day and sit one of it's branches and listen to it's life story...My life have changes so much during these 3 month that I have spent in South Africa... It is just so surprising how much things started to happen ones I had finished my Soul Coaching program, the 28 days program that I did with all the other people who were at the Denise Linn's seminar in Malaga last March...
My Soul Coaching website is almost finished and I am on my way back to Europe tomorrow evening and I just want to share this beautiful picture with all of you. This tree looks that it has healing powers and I think that we all need time to time some of it's healing powers to help as to carry on...  The nature gives us so much good energy and working with angels in nature can be very powerful experience...So take your moments to talk to your angels while spending time outside...Watch the nature and listen to it...It has so many messages for you...

Sunday, May 30, 2010


The angels are all over and they will come to you when ever you ask their help...To communicate with angels and archangels you can use different angel cards that are powerful tools of communication and connecting with angels. There are many different angel card sets on the market, but mostly in English only...Some have been translated in different languages. The best way to find them is your nearby esoteric bookstores or just asking in any book stores that keeps books about angels. I have found also that shops that sell gem stones often have small variety of esoteric books and cards...Them one place to find them is

I have two sets of angel cards: my long term travel companion have been Diana Coopers angel cards that come in a small packet easy to take with. In that set of cards there are 53 cards and 7 of them are archangel cards... The set is called "The angels of light cards" and it comes with a little booklet that tells you more about the angels and archangels and at the end of the booklet Diana Cooper explains what the angel of light cards can do for you and how to use the cards... The cards has only text and at the end of each card there is an affirmation... These cards give a nice guiding to your questions. You can have more than one set of cards and use them as often you feel like it.
My second angel card set is Doreen Virtue "Archangel Oracle Cards", she has put together many different angel card sets so you should have a look and find out what will be the most appealing to you. I often call for the help of the Archangels, I never travel without the help of Archangel Micheal's and Raphael's protection... So that is why my choice for new cards was the Archangel Oracle Card.: with a small booklet and 45 cards, there are 15 archangels x 3 messages from each Archangel... These cards has beautiful pictures presenting each archangel with a guiding message. Working with these cards can deliver very powerful, wise and loving messages, which can give you motivation and heal you in a miraculous way...
While buying your cards, if you have the possibility, just hold a set of cards in your hands and let your intution to guide you...What feels right for you...Look for signs from the pictures or just ask the angels to guide you to choose the best cards for your need...

Then there is a special set of cards that I use everyday for me. These cards are Denise Linn's "Soul Coaching Oracle Cards". Actually my set was a gift from Denise Linn at the Soul Coaching seminar where I became a certified Soul Coach and Past Life Coach... That set I only use for myself and then I have an other set of the same cards for my clients...Every card glows with a beautiful artwork and a positive message that can help you receive profound spiritual guidance from your higher self. These cards helps you to communicate with your own soul, and you will discover what your soul wants you to know... This is a 52 card deck and guidebook and the messages are very empowering. Our soul knows what is best for us ,but we so often ignore it's messages and this is why we feel lost and can't find the real purpose of our life.
When I first did the Soul Coaching 28-day program according to Denise Linn's book it opened a new era in my life but I wanted more...
This year in March I went to a 10 day seminar near by Malaga to become a Soul Coach and Past Life Coach...The best that I ever could do...After the seminar whole group ( about 30 participants) did the 28-day Soul Coaching program together each at the own home country in their own time and space...And when you have a Soul Coacher guiding you, you can access to the everyday meditations that opens you more to receive the messages from your own soul. Since I have done the 28-days program my life has never been the same...
It opened  to understand myself and what I was lacking in my life and now I trust more my intuition and follow the miraculous path ahead me...
Things just happens...I have started my own Soul Coaching practise online, my website is busy getting ready and I have included a 28-day Detox program that my clients can follow the same time or separately to archive a new healthier lifestyle... I have two blogs that I update regularly with healthy tips and guidance for better and healthier lifestyle: which is in Finnish language, my mother language and the new one is  in English and both has facilities to translate in several languages. My Soul Coaching practise will be in Finnish, English and French and mostly online work.
Today so many things happens online and this 28-day program is easy to follow at your own time and space where ever you are, I will be your guide to find your true self, who you really are and helping you to find the purpose of your life...I will guide you to follow your dreams what ever they might be...

Friday, May 21, 2010


Once again this morning browsing through the Facebook page I found this lovely message on my messages, just what I needed today... Thanks again to my Angel friend Tina Sarup who is keeping uplifting my days with these wonderful reminders of angelic work...We are all busy in our everyday lives and it is wonderful to stop and thing for a while just something else and get a help of a angelic power...

This from Tina:

Dear Angels Happy Thursday to You ,

I am so busy these days because of the angel blessings and hand on my life that I don't even get time to come and send you their loving messages. Though I am trying to sort out my time so I can give the most to you all . Thank you so much for the loving and encouraging notes that come my way they mean the world to me.

Today the angels say in the middle of the bustling world that is filled with the noise and anger of people trying to drown out the voice of their souls dear ones retreat to the quiet place within your soul . The angels say take a moment to listen .

As you go through your day today keep taking quiet moments to just go within and ask your angels what they want to tell you. When you feel confused or need more clarification on some situation you are facing, ask and listen. Even in a crowded mall it is possible to listen to your angels if you make it a regular habit.

Often the angels voice will sound like your own but will carry a gentility and wisdom which will let you know that it is not you. And this solution will come exactly when you need it. So if you hear anything in your mind trust that it is your angel and act on the message that is delivered.

Today this moment make it a habit to take a quiet moment not in prayer or meditation but just to breathe deeply and ask your angels anything you want an answer to. And in the moment to remain receptive to what comes through. The more you do this the better you will become at listening to your angels. And in this manner you can be guided, protected, warned , inspired , motivated and given the path that is right for you to follow. If you can do this out in nature so much the better as the natural setting will immediately relax you and will open the channels of communication. So please start to speak to your angels and LISTEN .


My Dear angel friends I hope you also will use these beautiful angel guidances in your life...

Thursday, May 13, 2010


My Angel friend Tina Sarup wrote this on Facebook, she is a true angel friend...

The angels ask you today to accept love in all the ways it makes an appearance. If we want romance to find it or to keep it then we have to really fall in love with life itself. To get romance into your life create a romantic atmosphere around you all the time wear a rose quartz , keeep roses near you specially pink ones and try and inhale the fragrance of pink roses which really open up your heart chakra or wear rose oil it will keep an aura of romance around you and naturally enchance the feeling of love in your life.

Friday, May 7, 2010


It has been quite long time since I posted about the angels, but it does not mean that I don't work with them...They are part of my life everyday and I have found new friends on facebook that are sharing angel messages with me... I am busy working on my new web site for Soul Coaching...I do lot of meditations and today's meditation I want to share with you...While I was in Malaga at Denise Linn's Soul Coaching seminar, we had many meditations during every day and often I was walking with a lion... In my "collage for the future" I had a big lion head and also in one of the magazines I found Archangel Ariel's picture... So those two were in my collage presenting my future...
This morning I meditated by myself guiding myself to relax and opened myself to the messages...And first I got this beautiful image of a young girl (me) in an other life walking through a field meeting a young boy on the other side of the field and the feeling of love that just pored out of that image in my mind was just so powerful and awesome...I was surrounded by this strong feeling of love...Then the image faded... And even I had my eyes closed I saw this powerful bright white and pink light entering to my room... I asked who was there and got an instant answer that it was Archangel Ariel...She gave me a message " the seeds that you have planted are growing" and I have planted new seeds for my future life so now I am grateful to her message and confident about that my seeds are already growing...
What was the most amazing about this Archangel Ariel's appearing that I did not asked for that, it just came with such wonderful energy and I was happy that I could enjoy it for a long moment...

Few weeks ago I bought Doreen Virtue's Archangel Oracle cards. They are so beautiful and they have clear messages and easy to use...Archangel Ariel is also with the cards...

Sunday, April 4, 2010


I was ten days in the seminar of Denise Linn about Soul Coaching and Past-life Coaching. We had lot of meditations, we were also working on difficult issues in the past, and so many angels game into the meditations...We were 28 there in that small conference room and the angelic feeling were sometimes just so powerful and overwhelming. Some of us really tackle with difficult issues and I think those had a really beautiful help and answers through angels...
We were also talking about how to make an altar, it is very good for everyone to have a place for important things, a sort of sacred place for anything that is important for you... One participant wrote to us that he was looking for a place at his home to place an altar for his space clearing feather and the bell that we got during the seminar and he found a white feather coming down while looking for a suitable place and for him this was a sign that the right place is there where the feather landed. These are the little everyday miracles that makes our heart to jump...Beautiful and soothing in the same time.
Spending ten days with Denise Linn it is a life experience, she gives you so much, her teaching is same time very interesting, funny, profound, she has an experience of 41 years in this field. She has travelled the world and everybody wants her...I feel so grateful that I could be part of this seminar and gain all this knowledge with her. I have been reading her books last 15 years and learning about her life story which hasn't been easy. She has written about her life in many books, but there is actually one that is her life story: It has two different names but it is the same book, How my death saved my life or If I can forgive so can you...
You can find these books and many more in or
She has also written a book called Altar by Denise Linn and she has an audio book of Angels!Angels!Angels! I will come back later to tell you about Soul-Coaching and Past-life Coaching if you have any questions about it please write me to the following address

May you all be blessed by a touch of an angel!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


This is a text of my husband, that he posted today on his African Ride blog. Today they made something to help others that needs all our attentions too. We can all be some kind of angels in our everyday life...
You can find more about his trip and donations on

So today was our first bike donation day, and what a day it was! We gave out 60 bicycles to organizations scattered all around Kenya. The bikes are going to be delivered to these people by various means of transport, small trucks and even bush taxis. Some representatives of the organisations benefiting from the donations were present and it was very moving to hear them telling us in simple words what an impact these bicycles have had on their communities. These donations have become an integrated part of TDA and by now, they have achieved amazing results already.
One woman stood up in front of the TDA group and with a very shy voice told us how the 3 bikes they got last year had helped her community of HIV infected women to raise money. They use these 3 bikes to carry milk and vegetables that they grow to the nearest city where they sell their products. With this small income, they are able to look after themselves and their children. These women are rejected from society as is unfortunately often the case in Africa once their HIV status is made public and have no source of income or support from nowhere. They have decided to get together and fight back by becoming a small independent farming unit. But for that you need transport... and that is where our bike donation is so efficient. Last year 3 bikes have helped these women to survive and to look forward for another day. This year they will be getting 3 more bikes and will be able to grow their deliveries and maybe start improving their living conditions further. So guys, as I have repeatedly said before, this is the most efficient way to help, each one of you who have contributed to my fund raising initiative can be proud tonight. We really hit it on the spot with these bicycles.

A group of Masai women and children was also there to thank us and to entertain us as well. Many Masai people are also in need of assistance and in the southern parts of Kenya, these tribes are sometimes living in so remote areas that the only way to deliver any kind of medical support is with a bicycle. So the lady representative of the Masai explained how the TDA bikes had helped delivering health care and HIV information to such areas. She also thanked us the TDA participants to cross Kenya on our own bicycles and by doing so, changing the mentalities of people who tend to see bikes as the "vehicle of the poor".

The children sung and danced for us. I am always amazed at the natural ability of African people to dance in the most gracious way. It just flows and when you look at them, it feels so natural, so beautiful. Africa might be the poorest continent, but watching these beautiful children confirmed that it is definitely the richest in talent...

This lady brought some pictures to show us how her small community of HIV affected women (herself included) were benefiting from the bicycles and how they are using them to raise cash and fund schooling for their children.

Sunday, March 7, 2010



Angels are such a wonderful beings, I have been very busy lately with my travelling and winter wonderland problems... When ever I travel I ask Archangel Rafael's protection, I know he is a healer angel and most of the books tells you to ask Archangel Michael's protection. In Diana Coopers Angel Cards for Archangel Raphael it says" You are blessed to attract this angel card, for Archangel Raphael brings health, healing and abundance. He will help you to develop your intuition and inner vision. Call on him if you need help in these ares now. He also protects travellers during journeys, so this is a fortuitous card if you are about to travel. If you are a healer or wish to be one, Archangel Raphael will direct pure divine energy to you. He works on the green ray of healing and balance, so visualise yourself surrounded by a clear green light and invoke his guidance.
If I feel that I need a special extra protection then I ask for both Archangel Raphael and Michael  to protect me. I feel very close to Archangel Raphael. He has brought me so much healing in difficult times. Your own guardian angel is also protecting you when ever you ask.

When I was 15 years old, I had an accident with a car while crossing the street with my bicycle. My bike went under the car and I flew on the top of the car braking the windscreen with my head and shoulder. I felt off the car on the street and people helped me on the side, I was just bleeding little bit and seemed to be ok, while sitting their on the steps of the shop entrance I just had this feeling to look up on the sky and there I saw a light...I just said "thank you" not even thinking what it was. Later I was sure that it was an angel looking after me...

While I was in Finland during 3 weeks now in February, the weather was really cold and the road and streets very icy, so every time I was driving with my "summer car" small old Toyota Corolla I asked some extra protection from both of the Archangels, Michael and Raphael and I must say I had few close calls with others cars but I always felt safe.

You have to also be grateful to the angels that are in your life and tell them that. Talking to an angel can be like a prayer...
Since I have been writing this blog I have got new angel friends that are sharing their stories with me. I am so grateful for that. Sharing lovely stories about angels is wonderful...

While in Finland driving in my car, I was listening a local Finnish radio station and they have lots of music to my taste and I actually noticed how many famous international singers or groups actually sings about angels...
And funny enough often when I had ask for a protection while sitting in the car, a song telling about angels was played on the radio like reminding me that " Hey we are here looking after you"
Scorpion has a song " Send me an angel", Robbie Williams sings about angels,  Abba has "I believe in angels" and so on...
For the next posting I will look for a list of book that are nice to read when you want to learn more about the angels... It is good to read few books and make your own opinion and see what is the best way for you to bring angels in your life. Angels are wonderful things that you can have in your life but sometimes it seems that some people are making a big business out of it... I have found some books and the angel cards a nice way to talk and call the angels. May the angels always protect you path...where ever you are...

Sunday, February 21, 2010


This week I visited my aunt who is turning 60 years in March with my mother and with my other aunt.
We had a lot to talk about, and the souvenirs of their mother, my grand mother surfaced up many times. She past away peacefully 10 years ago. And everybody was telling about their feelings, that they had that day when she past away. So I told them mine: I was that time with my husband in New Orleans, my husband was attending a conference and that time we lived in South Africa, but we had taken our children to visit my family in Finland while we were in USA. My husband had left that morning to his meeting and I was spending some time in the hotel room, a huge hotel with over 20 floors. That morning the hotel room phone kept ringing but not a normal way, just some short ring tones and when ever I picked up to answer, there was nobody, then after a while I thought I had to call my brother in Finland, who looked after my children. I got hold of him and he sounded sad and told me, that my grand mother had past away that morning at home. So we talked for a while and I was also happy that my children has visited my granny just the previous day, so she had seen then, because we were living so far away and we visited Finland only ones a  year.

After the phone call, I felt sad of course but she had stay at her home until the end, that what she wanted and she went peacefully. So I decided to go for a walk to think about her and her life. Few hours later when I got back to my hotel room on the 19th floor, in front of my room door there was a white feather... Then I knew she was fine, she was with angels... after that she has visited me many times in my dreams and in my meditations, I even ones had a feeling of her while living in France we had a huge old farm kitchen, I had finished watching  a TV program and got up and suddenly felt her odour and a very warm area in the cool kitchen. I know that she is looking after us.
So my aunt did not know about feathers that you can find on your path. I often pick them up. Sometimes looking for a answer or hesitating about something and when I see a feather on my way, I trust on my intuition, the feather is like an angelic guidance or answer to my questions. Our visit to my aunt was over and Thursday evening we took a ferry boat with cabins from Stockholm,Sweden to Turku, Finland... and we all three shared one cabin and after getting all our luggage their, we decided to go for the dinner and as I opened the cabin door there was a feather in front of our door and it wasn't there when we got in. So it must been a greeting from my grand mother...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


In September 2009 I spent 21 days on the road cycling from Andorra to Santiago de Compostelle, Spain on the pilgrim road... I cycled 1200km with my husband and for us it was more a cycling experience than a religious one, but we went through so many beautiful places, visiting sacred monument, churches etc, that you have a special atmospheres on the road. You meet wonderful people and very easily because everybody has the same purpose to arrive to Santiago de Compostelle. Most of the people walk it through about 20-30km per day and on the bicycle you can do 2-3 distances per day about 50-100km per day. We had mountain bikes so we could use all the "Camino" roads, the small roads for walking... these are the best because these roads goes through all the small villages and visit really special places... These roads start in many countries around Europe and they come together in Spain, The most  famous is "The camino Frances" the French road.
The shells are the symbol of the pilgrims and everybody carries the shells with them...We took lot of photos and I have plenty angel photos from that trip. Somehow after the trip made change in my life... This blog is one of the results of those hours spent on the bicycle thinking about your purpose in life and what you really would like to do about your life... If you are thinking about doing the pilgrim road don't hesitate to contact me if you want any information...
if you want to have an idea of the road have a look on

                                                   Road signs on the way to Compostelle...

Friday, February 12, 2010


We can reinforce our angelic connection by asking angels to help us achieve our goals by motivating us to take our dreams come true. You may be surprised however, at how dramatically different your wishes become ones your consciousness merges with the angelic stream of love and light.

Before we call in the angels, we need to look at what an affirmation is. We make positive and negative affirmations all day long...Our body believes every word we say. How many times during the day have you found yourself making a negative statement about yourself?

For example, if you say you cannot handle a relationship, you are talking about a relationship as if it was a static physical thing, rather than talking about relating - a dynamic, active process of communication. The problem arises because the art of relating, when it is referred to as a relationship, is perceived as static and no responsibility is being taken for the active , continuing process of relating to another person. When someone systematically nominalized, they restrict the choices the have because the are perceiving the world in a fixed way.

Never underestimate the power of words to affect you deeply. Advertisers, religious leaders, politician and the media know this and bombard our sensory awareness with their messages.

  • Call on the angels and use their power to help de-program yourself. You will see a change in your health, your behaviour, and your whole attitude to life.
  • Write down positive affirmation for yourself. Make it as powerful and appropriate to you and your situation as possible.
  • Keep all your statements positive. As you say the affirmation, imagine or feel as if it has already happened.


"I allow higher states of angelic awareness to manifest in my life"

"In blissful unification my angels guide me daily"

Affirmations are positive statements to enhance our lives. They are used to assist us in reaching our highest potential. What we each think and say can affect our entire lives by law of attraction. Affirmations will therefore attract positive to our lives. Be cautious of your thoughts, they create your life. Guardian Angels can be called upon to assist you in your life. Everyone has there own personal angels, but angels of success, love, prosperity, health and protection can also be called upon.

By calling upon your angels and using affirmations regularly, your senses are developing faith in believing your life will be enhanced and you can reach your highest potential.


Thursday, February 11, 2010



Greetings from winter wonderland... Yesterday was a beautiful sunny winter day, even the thermometer had gone down to -10 Celsius during the day. I went for a walk to enjoy the beauty of the winter nature, the snow was shining like millions of diamonds in the sun shine...Nobody around just me alone with this white and shiny atmosphere...What a bliss... Then I had to do a snow angel by laying on my back on the snow moving my arms to draw the wings and my legs to drawing the dress of the snow angel... I have been wanting to do this since last weekend when I arrived here in Finland...When I finished moving my arms and legs I just wanted to lay there on the angel mould looking to the sky and getting connected with my angel, a wonderful moment with full of happiness just lasted for a short while, I started to feel the cold snow on my back side and getting up on this thick snow was quite a challenge, trying not damage my snow angel...